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Elevate your research, help people talk again

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Hi, we're uCat

  • Natural way to connect with technology

  • AI mentor for brain implant users

  • Freedom of expression for those with paralysis


Grounded in Science

Developed by Creatives

A solemn portrait in black and white of Sam looking into the distance.
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Sam is a biotechnology story teller. He's introduced the market to SaaS products in lab automation, clinical trials design and regulated content production. He is an advisor to several neurotechnology labs and startups.

A cheeky black and white portrait of Luke looking into the camera. He's in front of a brick wall wearing a beanie.
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Game Development

Luke is a full-stack engineer turned VR developer. He uses modern tech stack best practices in projects such as VR interface to complement robotic stroke rehabilitation therapy and VR audio engineering training.

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Cai is a digital artist with an extensive creative arsenal. A generalist with a host of industry experience, Cai moved from video games publishing to producing graphic and UI design for indie and AA titles across a global market.

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